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Mezcal District

Mezcal District represents an amalgam of identities, a bridge between the old and the new. It is a pop-culture phenomenon that draws its individuality from everyone’s search for authenticity and the respect and admiration of ancient crafts.

Woven within the traditional, deep historical richness of the culture of the South, handcrafted in a traditional palenque in mystical Oaxaca, our Mezcal gently transcends the old with its youthful and avant-garde persona. 

Mezcal District was launched by Cartagena Inc, the international  subsidiary of the parent company Licorera Del Sur. Based in Mexico, the latter has given its junior counterparts access to its three state-of-the-art distilleries and thirteen bottling plants.

Mezcal District embodies the youth, energy, and adventurous spirit of the new generation of mezcal enthusiasts. Faithful to its roots, it also carries the soul of Santiago Matatlán, the world capital of mezcal, within every single one of its bottles.

Each bottle has been meticulously crafted with the aim of creating four distinctively rich and incomparable flavors: Mexcalia, Fandango, El Salto, and El Compadre.

Designed and illustrated by a young Mexican artist, they are intricately unique as each one conveys its very own essence through the complexity of its aromas and the fullness of its exceptional taste.

Mezcal District | Mexcalia | El Salto | El Compadre
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